Everybody's new favourite sport has taken the USA by storm, filling universities, schools and its beaches.

The Spikeball Tour Series brings together thousands of new and experienced players around the sport they love, and culminates into a Grand Slam decider. Over 2,000 teams participate and it is continuously growing. We at Roundnet Ireland had the pleasure of welcoming the Spikeball Pros to our home, and we were presented with a masterclass. Check out the Spikeball Pros at their best halfway down here.

The sport has spread worldwide! 
Spikeball Inc. have appointed ambassadors in each region to organise tournaments, leagues, develop rankings, sell Spikeball Sets and spread their love for the sport. 
Roundnet is catching on massively in Europe and we at Roundnet Ireland are glad to be the front line. 

Shout out all other Spikeball communities out there. We're in this together!

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