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Team Ireland

These players fought for their positions during the 2021 National Tour Series which saw over 500 players compete across all 4 provinces in Ireland.

Summer 2022 will be the biggest season ever!
Want to represent your country in a sport you love? Here is your chance!

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2022 Roundnet Season

Irish Team sponsored to compete on the European Tour Series

Irish team to attend first ever world championships

National Championships in every province

The 2021 Team

1_Si and Dash.jpg

#1 21' till infinity

Simon Leonard   Dash Clarke Thompson

Simon (26) and Dash (17) are the perfect duo.

Simon has played Roundnet for 6 years and has experience playing against the best in Europe. 
Dash is a young gun with a lot of determination to be the best and skills to be able to pull it off. 

There team name is inspired by the song title
'95' till infinity' because Simon and Dash believe they will beat everyone and anyone they take on!

#2 The Grusome Twosome

Sean Byrne & Gerben Dreesen

This team is feared nationwide! They have demonstrated their winning mentality being the only team to win two Irish tournaments, the Belfast open as well as the Dublin Derby! 

When Sean whips out the claw the point is already won and his long reach means he can return the impossible. Matthew’s massive arsenal of serves keep the opponents shaking in their boots and his clinical finishing has been compared to the best in the world. 

The Grusome Twosome dont like coming in second and are determined to show they are #1this coming season.

2_S and G.jpg
4 - S and I.jpg

#3 Rimmer Zimmers

Stephen Walker & Ian Walker

Steve and Iain are the elder statesmen of the national squad. However, with age comes wisdom while a lack of hair only makes them more aerodynamic and they combine this with an almost telepathic level of sibling understanding to create a ruthlessly efficient partnership.

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Spike Lees

India Ryan & Julia O’Doherty

These girls are leading the sport for woman all over Ireland. India and Julia who go to Trinity College Dublin where the womens Roundnet scene is spreading like wildfire cant wait to compete against more women in the year ahead. 

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