Spikeball PRO Set

Spikeball PRO Set

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Get the most enjoyment from Spikeball by going pro today!Longer rallies, faster serves PLUS pro accesories included.

Buy the official Spikeball Set used at Pro Spikeball Tournaments worldwide today at a 33% discount + lifetime gaurentee.

We want you to try the PRO today so we have made our prices the cheapest around. Better than amazon or any other online outlets PLUS you will be supporting the growth of this amazing sport in Ireland. So whats the difference? Is it worth it? Try it and prepare to be amazed. The Balls have added grip to assist spin, drop shots and anything else really. 33% stronger legs and rims gives you a more consistent experience every time you play. Inverted colors lets you stand out from the rest. A portable ball pump and gauge keeps your ball's pressure exactly how you want it. Here is your one way ticket to the big leagues.

We put our ears to the ground and listened to what the community wanted to see next. There was a resounding response: The Spikeball® Pro Kit.Players asked to take their game to the next level and it's safe to say that now they can. This set is the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics:The Spikeball Pro Set includes: Spikeball Pro net 2 Spikeball Pro balls Portable ball pump and gauge Backpack Buy your Spikeball Pro Set Today!

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