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Intermediate Ranking 2022

When you decide to play in Intermediate you'll have the chance to win promotion to the Advanced section for next year. 

The points awarded will be on the same basis as the points system for the Advanced Division, but will not count towards qualifying for team Ireland to compete at World's. Any player who performs well in an Intermediate tournament is encouraged to try out Advanced for the following tournament.

Results Tour Series Opener Dublin March

1st: Spikeological Warfare - Jack Bradshaw & Jacob
2nd: Spikeological warfare - Kevin  Cussen & Gregory Lynch
3rd: Les Bleus, Les Bleus - Finan Levingston & Jules Olier

Results Tour Series Opener Dublin May

1st: The Ball Fondler - Stephen Gibney & Gavin Gibney
2nd: Perfect Strangers - Julia Clarke & Lex P
3rd: The Spar Bags - Aaron Murray & Thomas Sammon

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